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Posted 6/13/2011 8:09pm by Shiloh Avery.

Brooke and David harvesting onions
Brooke and David harvesting onions

Our job depends a lot on efficiency.  There’s notoriously too much work to do with too few people in too little time.  Some days, though, I’d just like the routine to take over.  I’d like to ponder life while I plod through the natural list of things to do instead of having to be “on my game” and thinking.  There could even be a little soundtrack.  Or better yet, a montage!  A little number of building momentum where we are seen working at a normal pace (ho hum). Then we cross one thing off the list, and the song speeds up and the scene changes to little snippets of work punctuated by the crossing of things off the list until the crescendo where we are shown pumping our fists in the air in apparent victory over said list. No wonder they do that a lot in movies: it feels quite satisfying just thinking about it.


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