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Mood lighting

Posted 8/6/2012 6:04pm by Shiloh Avery.

the crew at McRitchie
Kicking off August with a little fun break at McRitchie winery

We went and visited some farms on the high country farm tour this past weekend.  August is an interesting time for a farm tour.  August is an interesting month (“interesting” being an ambiguous word).  It’s a time of year when the sun seeks an angry vengeance against us (let's all knock on wood together now for this cool week we've got planned).  It’s a time when all the hope of spring has been used up and replaced with dust and weeds and not a little heartbreak.  It’s a time when you find yourself constantly scrambling and scrapping half finished tasks, cutting your losses and moving on.  It’s a time when, as a farmer, you really shouldn’t count up your crop losses, but still you do.  It must be the mood lighting.   August.  Did you know that it’s an adjective too? As in “inspiring reverence or admiration.”  As in, “it’s an august farmer who survives August.”  But we do.  Somewhere deep in our hearts, we know relief is not far away. As the fall crops begins to poke up their little green heads, we can look at the beautiful big picture of what we do for a living, wipe the sweat from our brow, and plug away at those perpetual to do lists with a little more vigor in our step.


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