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Mother Nature on my bad side

Posted 5/19/2009 6:11am by Shiloh Avery.

May 18th thermometer

May 18th low: 31.9 degrees!


I am trying to figure out the date stamp on my camera.  It’s evidence in my case against Mother Nature.  She is behaving badly and is getting on my bad side.  May 18th frost is NOT supposed to be the nature of the farming beast.  This is going to screw up the statistics for years.  So instead of the usual frantic harvesting of spring crops and planting of summer crops that occur in May, we are frantically scrambling around protecting all the fragile crops from frost as best we can.  I had a nice long talk with the spring crops and they agreed to be tough tonight, but that was not a conversation I could have with the baby summer crops, most of which are fairly fresh in the ground.  There’s a funny coincidence though.  Last year (still adjusting to this climate), my tomatoes were scheduled to be in the ground around April 25th, but I got behind in the spring/summer craze so they were not in the ground April 28th when we got 28 degrees in the field.  We covered frantically the night before and came out early in the morning to “hose off” the frost on summer squash and summer flowers that had already been planted.  The complicated thing about tomatoes and frost is that they are virtually impossible to cover with our frost protection “blankets” due to the nature of their trellis which goes up before they are planted.  Well, due to last year’s April 28th frost, I moved all summer planting back a week, thus my tomatoes were scheduled to go out the first week in May.  Yet again, I got behind in my summer planting and said tomatoes are still in the greenhouse!  Whew! 


Jason hosing off the May18th frost this morning

Jason hosing off the May 18th frost


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