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never harvest when you're hungry

Posted 6/15/2010 5:41am by Shiloh Avery.
heat wave Odin hiding from the heat under the van    


Shiloh in a heat wave Sam bunching carrots

Heat Wave!  (111 degrees in the hoop house!, Odin hiding from the heat under the van, Shiloh braving the heat on the tractor, Sam bunching carrots under the shelter during the heat of the day)

I’m sure you’ve heard the old adage “never grocery shop when you’re hungry.”  Okay, well it’s probably not old enough nor catchy enough to be considered an adage, but I’ve heard it often enough to consider it something.  Apothegm? Axiom? Aphorism?  Well anyway, whatever it is we’ve adapted it this week to a new setting.  It began in the fennel.  “Mmmm,” Jason says, “roasted fennel and beet salad sounds good.”  Later, when we were trellising tomatoes, he looks down at a ripe one and says, “oooh, we should have a BLT sandwich this week!”   And finally, as we were completing our daily squash picking he adds, “I’d like to do some more squash blossom cooking, that was delicious!”  Stomach rumbling with ideas of flavor,  images of a gourmet spread (okay, so a BLT isn’t quite gourmet, but still!) dancing in my head, I glared at him from behind a zucchini leaf, “Enough is enough already!  Go eat a cucumber.”



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