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Posted 11/27/2018 5:47pm by Shiloh Avery.

next level addiction

I downloaded a little bubble shooter game for the holiday travel.  I’m going to have to delete it before it serves its purpose, I think.  I’m a complete addict. 15 years ago or so, my niece was visiting and downloaded a bubble shooter type game called “Snood” onto our computer.  It was all I could do for the next 3 months, until I beat the highest level and deleted the game.  These games are replete with human psychology techniques.  Achievement levels, rewards, etc. You know, the things that keep us playing.

I wonder if there are any programs that are good for us that employ these same addictive techniques? One that would counteract the motivational problems of doing things that make us feel better.  Like an exercise program or something. You know it makes you feel better after you’ve done it, but that doesn’t make it an easier to do it!  But perhaps if we employed those same psychological tactics as those little addictive games, we’d be more likely to do it. Now that would be “next level” (ha! See what I did there?) exercise programming.  

Obviously, I would be a prime candidate for a program like this.  Can you imagine being addicted to something that was good for you? 


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