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October slide (boogie woogie)

Posted 10/18/2010 8:55pm by Shiloh Avery.

Jason harvesting carrots
Jason harvesting those gorgeous carrots

It’s hard to work in October.  Not because the work is more difficult, or because it’s colder or hotter, or because it’s my birthday or our anniversary, but just because it’s hard to muster up the want to.  Self discipline has gone on vacation: already lazing around at the beach, its nose buried in a book.  The days are shorter, the alarm clock silent, we sleep longer, prepare meals longer, and just sort of dilly-dally around until time is wasted and we feel guilty for not having put in a twelve hour day.  With our minds at the beach already, we just simply fail to put new things on our “to do” list so rather than getting longer, it’s just getting dustier. Every task is herculean.  The weather has been approaching perfection for days now and the fall crops are the happiest I’ve ever seen them, but even so, my motivation rocks itself to sleep on the porch where I sat to put on my shoes for the day.  This is October.  It’s the prolonged sigh that signals the end of the hustle and aching hamstrings and backs. The slow slide into fireside winters. 



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