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Posted 6/25/2012 4:18pm by Shiloh Avery.


“All things begin in order so shall they end, so shall they begin again…”  It’s a perfect somersault, a protractor’s circle, the Ouroboros, and also, the cycle of kale.  Just as we are harvesting the last of the greens (and scrambling to make one last batch of kale chips), we are again seeding them in the greenhouse for the fall.  It feels like a metaphoric rendition of an awesome yoga pose—stretching ourselves back to our beginning.  I guess the cyclical nature of farming never ceases to amaze me, or, it seems, to surprise me.  You’d think after several years of this whole snake-eating-its-own-tail thing, I’d cease noticing it, but here I am again, awestruck by the fulfillment of circular farm lives.  Constant renewal, even as it ends.


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