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Pack-ratting is not just an occupational hazard

Posted 4/5/2014 12:04pm by Shiloh Avery.

Jason pouting over short plastic Old plastic Jason fixing short plastic with old plastic

I’ve been accused of being a pack-rat before. I come by it honestly. But I’ll swear up and down that it’s dead useful. Sure enough, just as soon as you get rid of an object, you find a use for it and mourn its loss. I’m all about avoiding those regrets. Sure, we sometimes end up with piles of junk hanging around in the various corners of the farm, but you just never know! This week, my tendencies proved providential. Yep. Twice.

We’ve had this old push lawn mower hanging about for years now. It quit working so long ago I can’t even remember what the problems were. But on a whim, I toted it along with me to my small engine repair class last night and returned with a working mower! Indeed! Now the farmily who live here can mow their own grounds! That is why we farmers never throw anything away!

Then today, we put our brand new plastic on the tomato high tunnel and it was a few feet short!!!! After a bit of grumbling about the company (who has since righted the wrong with a refund), we scrambled and dug out the nasty, stinky, ratty old plastic that we had so diligently folded up and placed in a random corner of the farm last year. Voila! We now have a complete side wall! That is why we farmers never throw anything away!



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