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Panning for potatoes

Posted 6/29/2009 8:28pm by Shiloh Avery.


Maggie and I dug potatoes today.  I guess I’m far enough removed from the strawberry disaster to be thankful for all the rain.  I mean, I have never seen Yukon golds that big before!  Digging potatoes is a lot like an Easter egg hunt and panning for gold combined into one glorious game.  We sift through the soil in search of these starchy sweet little treasures.  And since I can’t just grow a “normal” potato, the little treasures we seek are all different sorts of pretty colors.  Purple, pink, blue, red and gold—a veritable Easter palette! 

I was talking to a chef from Charlotte this weekend who is writing a cookbook all about cooking local and seasonal from farmers markets in North Carolina.  He is attending 52 markets in 52 weeks in North Carolina.  He was wild eyed and excited, asking about every variety of every kind of vegetable.   So wild eyed and excited that he kept leaving his purchases at the previous market stand while rushing off to the next great thing.  This is what’s great about local food from local farms, he said, farmers get bored of the same old veggies and are constantly challenging their growing prowess and palettes.  Exactly.  I can’t tell you how much fun seed catalogues in the fall are for me.  There are so many crazy varieties of standard veggies and so many crazy veggies out there to grow when you don’t have to worry about shipping and shelf life.




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