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Posted 9/3/2018 3:17pm by Shiloh Avery.

Shiloh's now famous Food Lion frozen spinach pizza with black olives and sweet Italian peppers


When my grandfather passed away many years back, we discovered things that my grandmother was unable to do simply because she hadn’t done them in 50 years.  She didn’t know how to drive or write a check.  Little things we take for granted.  I remember thinking to myself that I was never going to let that happen to me.  I was going to be self sufficient.  There would be nothing that I relied upon a partner to do.   

15 years down that road, it seems quite the lofty goal.  The reality is, we have partners for more reasons than love and companionship.  We have partners because there’s really too much work for one person to manage alone.  This is true in running a household and running a business, but it’s especially true for the running of both.  Last week, with Jason off hiking in the Smoky Mountains, I found myself in a similar situation to my grandmother’s all those years ago.   

Each day of his absence I found myself in awe of all the little things my partner does that I barely even notice.  I find it daunting to tackle the mountain of tasks that the two of us take on every day.  The first to go, for me, is cooking.  Jason spends at least a couple of hours each night preparing real food from real ingredients grown here on the farm, not to mention breakfast and lunch.  I’m lucky if I manage to stuff a handful of lettuce in my mouth and chase it with a pepper.  

So that brings us to this week’s “recipe”:  

Food Lion frozen spinach, fontina and mozzarella pizza with whole California black olives and sweet Italian Pepper  


Food Lion frozen pizza with spinach, fontina and mozzarella

California whole black olives you found hanging out in the fridge

1 large sweet Italian pepper  

Slice the pepper crossways, place the slice on the pizza with the whole olives. Bake as directed on box.    

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