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Posted 6/30/2014 5:44pm by Shiloh Avery.

This is actually Saturday evening dinner but you get the point (Sea Scallops with caramelized fennel and onion and french fries with caprese salad and strawberry basil bellinis)


We went to visit a friend’s farm this Sunday. Against the Grain Farm outside of Boone. Holly and Andy. They’re a farm couple but Andy works full time off the farm so Holly’s doing most of the management by herself. It made me appreciate partnership. Division of labor. Playing to one another’s strengths.

Last Sunday, for example, Jason and I made a deal. I would pick squash and zucchini by myself while he made us brunch. That bargain resulted in us both getting necessary work done and enjoying a crazy delicious brunch. I’m talking peach cream cheese turnovers made from scratch that morning and home cured bacon. Sunday brunch is serious business around here.

Sometimes I wonder how different the farm would look if I managed it alone. I can’t even imagine the disarray. Or more likely, what my diet would consist ofJ I might have to become a raw foodie just because I wouldn’t prioritize cooking and eating the way Jason does for us. Which is good since its part of the reason we got into farming in the first place. You know, a humble and challenging way to eat with the freshest and best ingredients we can procure. But it takes partnership to make that dream a reality.



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