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Pay it forward

Posted 7/17/2012 5:33am by Shiloh Avery.

TSF 2012 crew
Tumbling Shoals Farm 2012 farmily

Today’s giddiness harkens back to childhood: those times you brought home your creations from school or summer camp to show off proudly to mom.  I found a slight skip in my step as I got to lead our visiting mentor farmers, Cathy Jones and Michael Perry of Perry-Winkle Farm in Chapel Hill, around the farm showing off our, well…weeds really.  But also how we’ve taken their ideas and implemented them here on our farm.  Just like the picture you drew of mom and dad under that bright yellow sun so proudly displayed on the fridge.  See, Cathy and Michael and folks like them are a lot of the reason we decided to choose farming as a career. Having made a go of it themselves, and succeeded, was both instruction and inspiration to us “wannabe farmers”.  And still is.  We still call them for advice, and likely always will.  Knowing we can never repay them for all the free knowledge they’ve given us, we can only hope to pay it forward with some of the young aspiring farmers who pass through the Tumbling Shoals Farmily.  And then we’ll get to go let them show off their own implementation of our ideas or techniques on their farms.


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