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Perpetual list

Posted 7/27/2009 7:45pm by Shiloh Avery.

One of the many farm hand colors!


My parents aren’t afraid of hard work.  I’ve always known that. But wow, did they work their butts off last week.  I mean, everyone knows that if they visit us in July, they work (and incidentally, our parents are the only ones who’ve ever come back in July), but this time my folks came geared up.  I remember my brother wanting to farm some land he had access to. He mentioned it to my mother and she told him to come visit me in July.  Funny though, I have yet to see him (but I do think he’s growing some things on that land).  I guess he heard the warning in her voice. 

As we sat down for lunch on Tuesday, my father looked around and said, “everywhere I look I see work!”  Ahh, July (and May, and June, and August too for that matter!).  We have arrived at the perpetual list.  It starts out innocent enough.  Just make a list of the things you have to do.  What you don’t get done this week goes on next week’s list.  Except the list only gets longer!  Each week I add more than I cross off.  And oh!  Do I ever cross off!  I’ve confessed this so many times now it’s no longer even embarrassing.  If I do something productive that’s not on my list, I have to write it on my list just so I can bask in the glory of crossing something off!  Oh yes, I love to cross things off the list.

So I had to do that this week.  You see, there’s this little shed up on blocks in the middle of the field where we plan to put up some hoop houses.  It’s pretty old (it came with the property), but dead useful for storage, and we didn’t really want to disassemble it to move it to a better location.  Every now and then we mention its relocation, but never had we come to a conclusion.  Evidently, one of the times we mentioned it was in front of my father and he never forgot it.  He thought about it all week, I guess, and finally, on Thursday, the day they were scheduled to leave, he came in from the job I had assigned him and bee-lined right over to the shed.  This is when I realized that he had been thinking about it all week.  Earlier, he had been inspecting our lumber supply stacked under the big shed (from other buildings we had “re-located”).  I just hadn’t been paying attention to how much attention he was paying to the shed and his scheme to relocate it.  Finally he divulged his plan and we spent the next few hours enacting it.  By golly, (much to my pleasant surprise) it worked!  Nearly without a hitch.  Now the shed is resting peacefully, still intact, out of any potential fields.  I’ll have pictures of the move when my mother gets around to emailing them (I took them with her camera).  So, not that this wasn’t on some mental list somewhere in the back of my mind, but it wasn’t on my “immediate emergency to do last week” list, so I got to add it just so I could cross it off.  Oh! The glory!




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