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Posted 3/13/2018 6:01pm by Shiloh Avery.

First harvest day with help since last October!

For weeks now I’ve been slowly getting further and further behind in the yearly schedule.  As Jason was absorbed in the building of the heated greenhouse, I was attempting to run the farm solo all the while harvesting and going to market, which we’re not accustomed to doing in the winter.  Years ago we vowed not to take on too many winter projects for this very reason, but somehow we failed to acknowledge that two very large projects (winter growing and building a heated greenhouse) are the equivalent of “too many”.  

We haven’t panicked though, because we knew that a rescue was on the way.  And the super heroes have rushed in to save us this very week.  I am overflowing with gratitude for the folks who wish to do this work.  Together, in less than an hour, we knocked out a daunting task that has been haunting me for weeks—one that would probably have taken me a week. Phew! Now we just need mother nature to cooperate so we can begin clearing out the way overcrowded greenhouse!  



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