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pinching the proverbial cheek of chard

Posted 5/4/2010 6:53am by Shiloh Avery.
beets chard

Not so baby beets and chard

Many couples without children tend to collect pets.  And then we talk about said pets as if they were our children.  Really!  I heard Mary Chapin Carpenter choke up on NPR the other day when talking about all her pets and I thought, “well, that just might be me someday.”  But as it turns out, we collect plants.

I remember as a child scrunching my nose up at people who looked at me and got all sentimental, saying “I remember when you were just a tiny baby!”  And parents who look all teary eyed at their children of whatever age and say, “Oh! They just grow so fast!”  I wonder if the chard was scrunching its nose up at me because I found myself all filled with sentimental wonder thinking,” Oh!  I remember when it was just a miniscule transplant-so small I couldn’t see to hoe around it and now look it at it in all its splendor!”   And then, yes, you guessed it, “Oh! They just grow so fast!” And now I make excuses just to walk by the spring fields and gawk at how all our hard work has raised up some beautiful plants.  I swear if plants had cheeks, I’d be pinching them.  I bet they’re embarrassed. 



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