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Plugging Along

Posted 9/15/2014 7:10pm by Shiloh Avery.

Digging sweet potatoes is hard!

The thing about coming back from mini-vacation is that we miss it already. The weather is gray but I can no longer sleep all day. But I do sort of sleep all day. It’s this time of year that we begin to understand the meaning of “plugging along”. Because that’s what we do. We go through routines and try to remember all the changes we’re planning to make next year, hoping we don’t mess up the rest of this season. Weeds grow at an alarming rate (mental note for next year: fall mulch is key!) and the farmily starts to disperse. September is such a time of change. And reflection. We are planting cover crops which means we need to review our rotation and make changes now in order to plant the appropriate one.

But thinking is so hard this time of year too. We’re worn down by two seasons of scrambling and problem-solving already. So some days like today feel like we never woke up. Thick clouds muddle our vision and it feels like some sort buoyant dream. Indeed, with the sky so close, we float through the day. Just plugging along.



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