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Professional atheletes

Posted 10/3/2011 4:38pm by Shiloh Avery.

Shiloh and Brooke harvesting bok choy
Shiloh and Brooke harvesting bok choy

I remember this time last year when Elisabeth left us and our pattern shifted to beginning work at 10 a.m.  Coffee or tea on the porch in the mornings, and accomplishing only what was necessary.  Jason asked me this morning what I wanted to do today.  The day was beautiful if not a little chilly.  Light breeze, lazy wisps of clouds meander across the sky, the sun low, casting shadows at noon, is warm across my face.  What I want to do is lay in the grass and pick shapes out of the clouds.  What I want to do is let the sun warm my eyelids and day dream.  Let my thoughts wander, look back at the season and all we accomplished here.  The relationships we built, the people that we fed.  I think it’s the way the light illuminates the world differently this time of year.  Or that our bodies are tired so our minds kick in.  I call it the “thinking season.”  The time of year that we reflect and use those reflections to plan for the next year: capitalize on our wins and plan to improve our weaknesses.  Worn out and tired, Jason and I were discussing the changes in the body over a farming season.  He used the analogy of professional athletes’ bodies becoming worn out toward the end of their season and then, “I guess we are professional athletes.”  Nearing the end of our season, we drag our worn out bodies through the routine.


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