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Posted 5/23/2011 4:29pm by Shiloh Avery.
Jason rescuing Kitty Amin
Jason braves the torrential downpour to
rescue a terrified Kitty Amin
Jason rescuing Kitty Amin
Jason rushing his charge in from the rain
Shiloh drying off Kitty Amin
Shiloh dries off poor said kitty
Kitty Amin's bad (hair) day
Kitty Amin?  Well, he's had
better (hair) days

The daring rescue of Kitty Amin

Jason set this deluge in motion.  As the sun slowly lowered its hazy mask and the temperature began its ascent, he suggested today might be a good day to go swimming.  Or maybe it was all the planting we did this morning (any guesses on our current squat count?), all of which needed watered in.  Or perhaps the filing gods put in the request so I had no more excuses for my overflowing “to file” pile in my corner office (it may double as a closet, but all the same, it’s in a corner).  Or the van, whose tags are about to expire and needs an inspection, requested some rain to push us into accomplishing all these things we tend to put off until rain days.  Either way, it was providence. Here I am, daylight still painted outside my window, attacking that “to file” pile and other office “to dos,” strawberries and tomatoes all tucked under their umbrellas (whew!), freshly planted babies getting watered in, van on its way into town for inspection, AND I feel like I have been swimming!


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