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Reckless Optimism

Posted 2/26/2018 5:57pm by Shiloh Avery.

I’ve never considered myself an optimist.  I always thought I preferred the pessimistic view because then you’re either right or pleasantly surprised.  It’s a win-win right? But then I became a farmer.  And honestly, you can’t be a farmer without at least a little bit of optimism.  I mean, you take this tiny little seed and plant it believing that it will eventually end up a crop and you’ll earn a living.  That’s pretty optimistic.

But sometimes pessimism creeps in.  When optimism seems like the wrong approach and you start to plan for the worst because you believe that’s the safest path.  But Taylor gave me this print last week and I embarked on a whole new path of thinking. One of reckless optimism.

Suddenly I feel free in a way I’ve never felt before.  I’ve always aspired to be a realist: to accept things the way they are and not hope for better.  But why not hope for better?  Why not, indeed.  For a long time, I’ve accepted that I’m pretty much average, which is probably not a terrible idea, but why not be optimistic that I can become above average?  Why not work toward loftier goals?  As Taylor put it, “Choosing to be hopeful and confident, even when it feels reckless or irresponsible to do so, gives you the freedom to see choices where you might otherwise see dead ends.”  Well don’t mind if I do try that.



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