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Posted 5/1/2017 6:17pm by Shiloh Avery.


The resilience of Merlefest fans

This morning I did a guided meditation on resilience. I ain’t gonna lie: it’s been a tough spring.  But it’s not the first time we’ve faced challenges and setbacks.  Farming is a difficult career.  I mean, there’s all the normal stuff, and then there’s the weather!  But I digress.  I listed to this guided meditation on resilience.  It ended with a poem :  

            Where could I find enough leather

            to cover the entire surface of the earth? 

            But with leather soles beneath my feet,

            It’s as if the whole world has been covered  

It felt pertinent.  We, all of us, deal with challenges and setbacks all of the time.  But we keep going.  We are a resilient species.    Just this past Saturday, I heard a moving TED talk by Monica Lewinski.  Remember her?  Of course you do! I do too.  I’m probably guilty of cracking a Monica joke or two back in the day.  It never occurred to me to think about it from her perspective.  But here she was, talking about resilience.  She said that if someone had told her such a story about such public shaming before it happened to her, she would have said she wouldn’t survive.  But here she was, talking about it in the past tense.  It also felt pertinent.  

We too will be talking about this spring in the past tense.  Just as we have every other challenging moment we’ve left in the past. We tie the leather to our feet and move on. We are a resilient species.






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