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Posted 5/14/2012 6:36pm by Shiloh Avery.

eggs benedict
Okay, so I'm no food stylist, and none of the ingredients for this came off from our farm, BUT we did make the english muffins and the bacon and everything came from local farms except the flour and lime juice.  This was what we ate in honor of our mothers on Mother's Day.


In books, many things trigger flashbacks that are so strong they momentarily consume the character.  There are only a few things that trigger such passionate memories in me that I completely immerse myself in them.  Most often, scent is the trigger. The scent of sawdust brings me right back into my grandfather’s garage, which also served as his wood shop.  He was a carpenter and a careful wood worker and made some of the most beautiful things, none of which I was able to fully appreciate until my adult life.  But I could recognize in some part of my child’s half developed brain the passion and care and love that went into such work. 

Just now I caught the scent of bacon wafting from the kitchen and wandered down a scent-laden reverie of Jason in the kitchen.  The man loves to cook (praise God!).  Like my grandfather’s precise wooden creations, Jason throws all sorts of passion and care into his nightly creations in the kitchen.  Said creations made Lacey cry with joy last week (I’m not exaggerating!).  He can take our raw product out of the field and weaves it into a grand multi-course, melt-in-your-mouth tapestry as if the house elves of Harry Potter magically made it all appear (come to think of it….).  I can appreciate that sort of passion.  My taste buds especially.



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