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Salad Days

Posted 5/11/2009 8:52pm by Shiloh Avery.

Our mixed bouquets

What did the vinaigrette say when the man opened the fridge?

Shut the door .... I'm dressing!

It’s salad time!!!!    I compare this to spring cleaning.  After the heavy foods of winter and all the time spent indoors, spring pushes us out the door and fills us up with fresh fresh fresh.   Last week the  first bit of salad mix made it up the hill to our little fridge.  Jason saw it and made himself a big bowl of salad for lunch, thought, “hmm..that was good, I think I’ll have some more.”  He made himself another big bowl and when he was done with that he looked at the bag and thought, “well, there’s not that much left, I’ll just go ahead and finish it.”  He didn’t even realize how fresh deprived he had been until then.

Then at market last Saturday, a pregnant woman came up to the stand eyeing up the seven bunches of radishes left.  She said she had been dreaming of radishes and wanted to buy all seven bunches.  Fresh deprived.  But that’s all behind us now.  We’re harvesting plenty of fresh things now, and planting summer things like crazy.



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