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Seasoned with vengeance

Posted 11/5/2013 5:50pm by Shiloh Avery.

venison in cooler

Dry aging "carrots" (venison seasoned with vengeance)

Until recently, I’ve never thought of myself as a vengeful or spiteful person.  But then, there was discussion of attending the Watauga County Farmers’ markets through the month of November in the cold!!  And I thought back to those early Hickory markets in April, when I rousted myself out of bed at 4:30, leaving a pleasantly sleeping Jason in bed, to stumble down the hill, load the truck and make the trek to market alone.  And I thought (vengefully and spitefully), “Jason should know what it feels like to leave a soundly sleeping partner in bed while I get up and work.”  (I would like to note here, that I did, in fact, get up and attend last Saturday’s Watauga market with Jason, but it was probably so that I could see myself as less vengeful and spiteful). 

And then the deer descended on our carrots.  Our friend Joel came to our rescue and eliminated four of them.  And we found ourselves dancing in delight at the fact that there were four less deer around to damage crops.  We’re sure beyond a doubt that venison seasoned with vengeance will be the tastiest venison ever.


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