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Secret Santa gifts of delight

Posted 7/24/2017 6:09pm by Shiloh Avery.

 There are times that I feel like I’m being watched.  Not the kind of watched that gives me goose bumps, but more of a warm and fuzzy kind of watched.  Like my stumbling through the world is most amusing, and my delight is worth entertaining. I know it’s the farm.  It’s like my secret Santa.  It lets me know it loves me by leaving me little gifts.  Little charming aberrations.  Little faces in things.  

I appreciate these small diversions. Farm work can be difficult and hot and humorless in July in the south (I was once advised never to evaluate my career choice in July and August).  I know it’s shocking, but it’s true.  Sometimes, in July and August, under the cruel gaze of the sun, salty sweat burning our eyes and every little skin abrasion we can’t imagine how we got- it becomes difficult to keep the heavy work light.  We’re afraid to expend any unnecessary energy with jokes or lightheartedness. But difficult jobs are made lighter when everyone is distracted by humor or fun or downright silliness.  

Enter nature again, bearing gifts of funny shaped veggies.  A tomato with a nose. An eggplant with a mouth. A potato with a nose mouth and hair to boot.  We stop thinking about the hard work and how hot we are and play show and tell with each other for a brief minute.  And those minutes add up to hours, and suddenly, the work is done!  It’s time for popsicles!



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