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self-fulfilling prophecy

Posted 9/19/2011 6:29pm by Shiloh Avery.

Shiloh and David with EZGO
Shiloh and David discussing strategy to end the EZ-GO strike

There are several things I’ve accomplished in my life by simply pretending to know what I am doing.  I just jump right in as if I belong and flounder around until I figure it out.  I learned how to play the somewhat complicated card game of Euchre that way.  I learned to speak French that way, and a whole bunch of Puerto Rican Spanish too. I guess it’s somewhat of a self fulfilling prophecy: pretend you can so you can. Around here I am thought to be the resident mechanic, for much the same reason.  I just dive right into the muck, fumble around and pretend to know what I’m doing.  So when the golf cart went on strike, all eyes fell to me to get it up and running again.  David and I spent like four hours removing, disassembling, and cleaning the carburetor to no avail.  The cart was unmoved by our dedication. I’m not sure David has ever felt such disappointment.  I know it comes close to the top for me.  So much faith they put in me!  Only to be disappointed (we really miss our cart!).  But thank goodness for google!  Did you know you can just google “my EZ-GO GXT-804D refuses to start even after I cleaned the carburetor” and someone somewhere has already asked and answered your question?  No?  Well, you can and I did and I found out what to do next.  Success!!  With just a few turns of a wrench, our little cart is up and running again.  I was so proud I had to drive it all around the farm just to make sure everyone could see that I fixed it--that I still deserve, somehow, the consideration of resident mechanic. 


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