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September Cling

Posted 9/3/2012 4:16pm by Shiloh Avery.

Emily and Lacey in okra
Emily and Lacey having some fun in the okra patch

It’s an auspicious evening breeze that scatters the farmily around the world each year.  While relief is in order as the nights (and sometimes days) cool down and the workload lessens and slows, still a twinge of sadness drifts in as the employees, one by one,  end their stint here at Tumbling Shoals Farm and move on to other things.  Mitch left us a couple of weeks ago to head back to school.  Lacey has already begun cleaning and a sort of semblance of packing for her last couple of weeks here.  Suddenly, we find ourselves a little clingy.  Where before, we would lunch and dine together only occasionally, recently we’ve noticed our plans must involve each other.  It feels like eminent empty nest syndrome, though we never actually had to build that nest as our farmily arrives already raised and pushed out of a nest.  Still, it’s a scramble to spend as much time as possible together as the days grow shorter.


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