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Posted 6/11/2019 5:44pm by Shiloh Avery.


One of the reasons we've been harvesting so much produce on the farm is that Emily has single handedly turned the Charlotte market into a big leaue market! Here we are celebrating her "graduation" into the big leagues:)

Sheesh.  What an emotional rollercoaster this year has been! We were on top of the world, ahead of the game, spring was being extra kind to us and them WHAMO-the wind storm damage set us back.  We scrambled and everyone pushed extra hard to catch us back up, and then we got lucky and convinced Liz to come on board. 

Back on top of the world.  7 is the magic number to keep Tumbling Shoals Farm ahead of the game of weeds and other disasters and we were cranking it out.  Then WHAMO-we got dumped.  One of our farmily broke up with us!  I mean, witty charming us!  I’m not going to lie, this hit us pretty hard and weighed our spirits down for an entire week.  I mean, breaking up is hard to do! 😊  

But we just got lucky again with a late applicant, available immediately, and looking specifically for farm work in western North Carolina!  He called a week before the break up and I serendipitously had not gotten around to returning his call yet to tell him all of the positions had been filled.  And now we’re back on top of the world today as he fit right in and everyone crushed it today.

While I much prefer to be walking on top of the world than to be carrying the weight of the world, I also understand that sometimes you need the dark to appreciate the light. Perhaps we just needed a reminder to pause for a moment and appreciate just how incredible our farmily really is and how much they accomplish.  Thanks for your help with that.




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