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Seventh Inning Stretch

Posted 9/21/2010 6:39am by Shiloh Avery.
Jason posing on track hoe Shiloh posing on track hoe

Our farm worker modeling session with the track hoe-but that's another story for another time

It’s 8:00p.m. and we’re stumbling out of the fields in a fit of irony singing “It’s Five O’clock Somewhere!”  Or at least we were for most of the season.  These days, five o’clock comes and my feet stubbornly go on strike.   Sunday afternoons have become disjointed distractions of food preservation that embody that “light at the end of the tunnel” hope, but also conveniently keep us in the house and out of the fields.  The last few weeks of the luxury of an employee upon us, we take steal these little subtle moments-just here and there to tidy the house, or cook a complex meal.  We brand this onset of laziness “cumulative exhaustion.”  Like we’re just making up for those earlier long days.  It’s probably a euphemism, or perhaps a rationalization, but either way, we’ve arrived at the seventh inning stretch before we head into the closer.



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