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Posted 5/30/2011 5:33pm by Shiloh Avery.
thermometer reads ninety seven degrees Shiloh is wilting in the heat


I remember a commercial from my teenager years that said sweat is sexy.  Is that still true? If so, boy were we some of the sexiest things around today. In fact, it’s days like today that I worry about skinny farmers; it seems like they might just wilt down to nothing.  At least those of us who put a few pounds on this winter have got something to melt!   It’s also days like these that make us question our sanity.  I mean, if we’re really honest with ourselves, when we sat down and planned for this farmy dreamy thing, it did not include days like today.   I mean, it’s still May for crying out loud!  And let’s face it, we thought farming was kind of sexy: a bit romantic, if you will. But unless sweat, coupled with dirt, grime, sunburn and exhaustion, really is sexy (surely there’s an argument for that!), today didn’t rise beyond just plain hot, humid, and downright miserable.  Tomorrow, there will be shade.


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