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Shooting Star

Posted 11/17/2014 7:17pm by Shiloh Avery.

Jason washing radishes on a cold November day


When I was in college, I went over to some friends’ house after class one evening, but the door was locked and they were deep into very loud band practice. Just that day in my astronomy class, I learned the only thing I still remember from astronomy class: that shooting stars are actually extremely common. And that if you stare at the night sky for any few minutes, you’re very likely to see one.

So I lay in the hammock on the porch and stared up at the night sky. Of course, I witnessed the biggest, brightest shooting star I’ve ever seen.

Until tonight. When I stepped outside to go get the laundry in the bathhouse and remembered that lesson from all those years ago. I just stopped for a moment to stare up at the night sky for a spectacular reward. Just before I headed back into the fire and warmth of our little cozy house.



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