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Signs of summer

Posted 6/8/2015 4:45pm by Shiloh Avery.

Another sign of summer: Butterflies (Aphrodite Fritillary) on native asclepias tuberosa. I guess that's why they call it butterfly weed.

Well, it’s happened: June has arrived. The temperatures look to be rising and the rains come with such a dramatic flair that I find myself sitting in my office with my trembling pets at my side. These are the signs of summer.   When all the rest of the country is off to graduation parties and summer beach vacations.  

This, alone, would not necessarily indicate a change in seasons for me. My changes of seasons are strictly dictated by which vegetables are in season. Our website has a calendar of what’s in season when here at the farm and it actually emails me to tell me what’s going out and what’s coming in. It’s rather amusing.  

I find myself comparing what’s happening in reality to what that calendar says should be happening. I feel quite the sense of pride when something comes into season before it “should”. Despite the fact that I set that calendar up in the first place, I find myself racing it to see if we can do better. Will it come earlier? Can we have a longer season?  



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