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Single day friendship

Posted 5/7/2019 4:44pm by Shiloh Avery.

Harrison Ford's new friend Lenny

Have you ever bought anything from someone?  It’s an interesting dynamic—or at least it seems to be to me.  You meet someone, make small talk, find things you have in common, discuss the item being sold/purchased, perhaps even get into the facts of life that are causing them to sell the item.  Then you find yourselves making small chit chat while you wait for a notary to be available to certify the title transfer.  Money changes hands, hands are shook, and you part ways.

It always feels wrong to say goodbye without any real chance at furthering the friendship you just spent a day or so creating.  I always wish we’d have left a door for communication open somehow. Like exchanged emails or something, but we don’t because that’s just not normal. And we are normal.

The last time this happened to me, I purchased a motorcycle from a guy in Nebo, who I then ran into at Merlefest!  We exchanged a hugs, and chatted for a bit, I even met his family, and again, left with no real chance at furthering the friendship.  It just felt strange.  Like I know them, but don’t.

So last week, we welcomed “Lenny” to our fleet, whom I purchased from a guy in Terrell, NC (now I know that town exists).  Same thing, we both used to ride motorcycles (“used to” is why he was selling Lenny). We chatted about the strangeness of tricycles and not understanding the point of riding them.  We spent a bit of time waiting on the notary, chatting away pleasantly, and then we shook hands and I left with Lenny.  Again, that strange hollow feeling of closing the door on a potential friend. Single day friendships. Strange.



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