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Sisyphus's neighbors

Posted 4/7/2009 5:26pm by Shiloh Avery.

Strawberry blooming

I’ve been breaking lots of glasses lately.  Not the kind that help you see, but the drinking vessel kind.  I think it is the strength and fortitude of spring manifesting in my fingers. ;)  I think this because despite my best (well okay, not “best” maybe) efforts to stay in shape this winter with a YMCA membership, March has attempted to defeat me yet again.  The sudden acceleration in pace of life coupled with a sudden increase in squats and bending over and “raking” (which is the farmers’ version of rowing) had me whining with each move for a week or so.  But April has me feeling strong and eager as the weeds that grow with all this recent rain (I will defeat them!).  I tried to wait out that rain this week, waiting patiently (playing tetris) inside until the fading of the rain drops on the tin roof, but eventually I just had to suck it up and do my best impersonation of a fisherman while donning my bright yellow rain gear and just go transplant in the rain.  I can envision my neighbors shaking their heads.  But these warm rainy days are really a good time to transplant.  For the plants that is.  No wind to wither, no sun to dry out, and plenty of instant water.  Plus, I got a mess of greens and stuff seeded right between these rains so as long as we don’t drown, I think I won’t complain.  Besides, a few rain days tempers the sudden increase in pace of life.  Tetris is so meditative!

I bet Sisyphus’s neighbors shook their heads with a smile when they drove by.  Honestly, it must be pretty amusing to watch someone battle nature with such futile hope that doing the same thing again will bring different results.  And so it was today as I looked at Maggie with a bit of desperation and perhaps panic at the oncoming freeze and said, “I truly feel insane!”  Sometimes it just takes another pair of eyes to see things a little differently.  So Maggie suggested a new method of battling the wind’s intense desire to unblanket the fragile blooming strawberries.  And whether it works or not (and I’m pretty sure it’s going to work), I felt a whole new sight come over me.  Like when the neighbor finally stops and says, “Hey Sisyphus, why don’t you try it this way instead?”  A new way!  A new hope!  I might beat nature after all! (I can hear her laughing:))

The farm with "blankets":

The farm with "blankets"


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