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So God Made a Farmer

Posted 4/6/2017 10:50am by Shiloh Avery.

Just some of the spring blooms that make me nervous: blueberries


You’ve probably, by now, heard Paul Harvey’s 1978 “So God Made a Farmer” speech-if not the original, you’ve probably heard the excerpts played in a super bowl truck commercial (that’s where I heard of it).  After reflecting upon this spring’s weather, I’d like to add a sentence to that speech:  

“God said, ‘I need somebody to worry and fret over, complain about, and generally just not enjoy the weather’

                                --So God made a farmer”  

Honestly, I used to enjoy a good thunderstorm.  Now I worry about too much rain, too hard of a rain, hail and wind.  I used to enjoy an occasional snow to sled upon.  Now I only worry that I’ll not have the strength to push it off from my high tunnels.  I used to enjoy spring-the blooming trees, the push of green from the earth, the sense of renewal.  Now, well… you get the picture.   All this fretting though, makes every success seem like a miracle.  This, perhaps, is why God “needed someone to worry and fret over…”  Because when we finally put that vegetable to our tongue, it is with a formidable sense of gratitude.


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