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solstice surprises

Posted 6/20/2011 8:43pm by Shiloh Avery.


Here we go again: the summer solstice rolls around and I wax poetic about the seasonality of all things.  I get that old Byrds (or Pete Seeger, depending on how you look at it really) song in my head and mourn the passing of all my early spring appetite addictions (like arugula and strawberries).  And then I turn (Turn! Turn! Turn!) to the excitement of all the coming summer color and the sweeter side of vegetables.  But today was the strangest of final days of spring.  We awoke to a radar that all but doomed us for more intense sogginess (I mean, 70% chance!), but instead received a beautiful cloudy, breezy day that threatened rain nearly all day but never manifested.  Quite pleasant for the humans all around.  Maybe it’s a sign of the more substantial changes to the farm that this solstice brings.  I know, what’s more substantial than tomatoes right?  Well, first of all, we added some new employees today (courtesy of Cory), just as the sourwoods burst into bloom.  They’re sole job is to make more of all that coming summer goodness like squash, tomatoes and peppers! And then, come Thursday, we will have the newest addition to the farm: a farm dog (courtesy of McRitchie Winery).  I admit, I’m a little more than skeptical of the timing of this whole dog thing, but never having “owned” a dog, I’m a little skeptical of any critter that doesn’t bury their own feces.  But what can I say, I’m a sucker, and Sean McRtichie sent me this picture:



How could I resist?


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