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Spring has Sprung

Posted 5/5/2009 8:35am by Shiloh Avery.

indigo bunting chicks in the barn

Indigo bunting chicks in their nest in our barn

Sometimes a cliché is all there is to say.  “Spring has sprung.”  The air is rich with warmth and moisture and rebirth.  The Tumbling Shoals Valley has changed its wardrobe.  Last fall, the valley raised its swan song voice in a stunning display of color before the naked curtain of winter.  And now, in case you might be tempted to ignore it, the valley has donned the brilliant emerald of spring.  The opening act hums a fresh tune.  The air dances with the laughter of the goat kids next door and the twitter of chicks growing to fledgling in nests tucked here and there in the barn.  Babies abound, in perfect rhythm with the emergence of food everywhere.  Grass, bugs, leaves, veggies.  I love spring.  I, too, am reborn in a sense with the shedding of winter wardrobe and the taste of freshness on my tongue.  The main character in Still Life with Woodpecker, by Tom Robbins, tucks the world into two categories: “yum” and “yuck.”  May= “yum.” 

Speaking of “yum”, we saw the first pink of a ripening strawberry yesterday.  Which leads to my prediction that we’ll be eating red in two weeks!


day old calf with mama goat kids playing
Day old calf with mama goat kids playing


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