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Stay calm and (don't) multitask

Posted 7/14/2014 6:50pm by Shiloh Avery.

Here's a picture of us harvesting potatoes in the rain to calm us down

There was a day at market a few years ago when a woman holding a small child suddenly stopped short and began frantically searching for her son. Naturally, we thought she was looking for her other son and soon the entire market had stopped to help search for the wayward child. As it turns out, she was looking for the very child in her arms. There was a collective sigh of intense relief after quite the adrenaline kick. Someone mentioned that she had a little too much going on.

Well, today I found out what that’s like. Not as intense as losing a child, for sure. I just temporarily lost $4500. Sitting down to my office work this evening, I opened a letter from our current bank adjusting a deposit down $4500 dollars-the amount of the cashier’s check from closing an account at an old bank, saying "non-negotiable item in deposit". Insert adrenaline here. I pawed frantically through my recycling and banking materials looking for the check stub that I definitely possessed at some point. Because, surely the bank doesn’t make mistakes. It must be mine!

What happens if I accidentally deposited the stub and threw away the check since it’s a cashier’s check and not one drawn on an account? Should I go dig through the trash too? What if I threw it away somewhere else? What if? What if? What if? Did I just lose the farm $4500? Scramble, panic, scramble, panic. Wait a minute….what if? Log into online account and look at deposits between the old bank account closure and mistaken deposit.

Collective sigh of relief after quite the adrenaline rush. Turns out, I already deposited the cashier’s check a week before I attempted to deposit the stub (which, in my defense, is an exact copy of the check, except with “NON-NEGOTIABLE, FOR CUSTOMER RECORD ONLY” written on it in red!). Think I had a little too much going on that day? Or maybe I just needed to create a little more excitement this time of year.


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