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Strong Communities

Posted 3/25/2009 10:18am by Shiloh Avery.


fennel seedlings

 fennel seedlings in greenhouse


                The theme of one of the sustainable agriculture conferences I attended this winter was “Strong Communities.”  These past couple weeks have really hit home on the strong community front.  I probably should insert a sap alert here, as I feel the warm and fuzzies coming on:) 

                It’s been said that getting farmers to cooperate is “like herding cats.”  We’re known for our independent spirit that led us to farming in the first place I suppose.  Now, I don’t know of anyone ever attempting to herd cats, but my cats don’t seem too opposed to the idea, and neither were the 30 or so farmers I witnessed cooperating on an organic fertilizer order.  It was truly something: smiles and hugs all around.  It was like a mini reunion-we so rarely gather in such a large group away from busy conferences and farms.  But we all knew each other from some aspect of the sustainable agriculture community.  We all communicate by email in advance to arrange the order, someone coordinates the truck to pick it up, we use a local farmer/fertilizer distributor’s warehouse and forklift, and we all meet there on a certain day at a certain time to unload the truck and load up everyone’s order.  It goes down like this.  The forklift guy unloads a pallet from the big truck while one of said farmers backs up his truck/trailer/van (one even loaded in the trunk of a sedan!).  As soon as the pallet lowers to the ground, the waiting farmers descend on it like ants on a picnic, hefting these 75 pound bags into the waiting vehicle.  No one has to lift too many times because there are so many of us lifting once, and the vehicles get loaded in a snap.  The whole process, unloading a semi truck full of 75 pound bags into some 30 different vehicles, took a mere hour.

                Another “strong community” event happened right here in Wilkes County.  The Habitat for Humanity Re-Store in Wilkesboro has offered their facility as a centralized Wilkesboro area pick up point for the CSA shares!  They saw the potential symbiotic relationship that might engender  a connected sustainable community.  More awareness of their store and mission for them, and a centralized pick up point for you, and a centralized drop point for me!  Are you feeling warm and fuzzy yet?

                Okay, you can quit groaning now; I’m done being a big sap.  I just had to share.  In other news, we are excited to announce the addition of Maggie to our crew this year!  A more in depth bio is forthcoming; you’ll be able to see it in a week or so on our website when you click “who’s your farmer.”  We’re excited to have her aboard.

                I still have CSA shares available in Wilkesboro and Hickory (or Boone, by special request J).  You can get more information on our website by clicking “Share in the Harvest.”  





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