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Suddenly Famous

Posted 4/8/2020 1:33pm by Shiloh Avery.


Are you going to feed us?

You know when they interview the bewildered neighbor of some crazy ax murderer, or mass shooter, or other high profile criminal?  That person was just in their slippers watching “When Harry Met Sally” for the hundredth time and the news trucks pull up with their massive lights and mics and pull them out into the spotlight on their own front porch?

I sort of feel like that person.  Befuddled and dazed and entirely unprepared for my sudden fame, wondering when I'm going to show up in memes.  I mean, for 13 years we’ve been over here in our little corner of beautiful Wilkes county quietly growing our organic veggies and feeding a small part of our local community.  Until suddenly, WHAM, Covid-19 waltzes into town and wreaks havoc on our national food supply network and here we are, befuddled and stammering on our porch steps in a huge spotlight.

So, as the world shuts down around us, and the spotlight grows ever brighter, our response is to kick into high gear and try to grow even more food than ever in order to provide health-promoting foods to as many folks in our local community as we can.   I get it. Local food just makes sense in a world where we are advised to leave our well-handled packages outside for several days before opening them.  But this spotlight is going to take some getting used to.  I’m still working on perfecting my gloved autograph­čśŐ  

Also, as part of our increased production, we are offering more customized farm shares than ever before in more locations (including Boone!), and that includes more low-income shares.  Are you laid off? We want to help you continue to keep eating healthy, and so do our customers who have contributed more than ever to our low income share program.  So don’t be afraid to reach out to us.  We want to feed you!

Also, because of the increase in need for local healthy organic produce, we’re opening our virtual farm stand for deliveries in Hickory, Wilkesboro, and Charlotte on Saturday (Store is open Tuesday-Thursday), and for Wednesday deliveries in Boone (store is open Friday-Monday).  If you haven’t been a farm share member (or even if you have!), this system can be a little confusing, so here are detailed step-by-step instructions on how to order a Farm Stand share: http://tumblingshoalsfarm.com/how-virtual-farm-stand-works

And here's where to place an actual Farm Stand order: https://www.harvie.farm/farm-stand/tumbling-shoals-farm


As we move further along into this bizarre uncertainty, we are working hard to practice good safe social distancing in order to keep farmers markets open and keep this important local food access point, but uncertainty is uncertainty.  We have around 20 or so main season customizable farm shares left, but even with our doubled capacity, they’re going at a couple a day, so don’t delay!  Sign up here:  http://www.harvie.farm/signup/tumbling-shoals-farm and you can find more information here.

We'll be at the Charlotte Regional Farmers Market in Building C 8am-1pm and at the Winter Hickory Farmers Market in the parking lot of the soup kitchen from 10am-noon.  Pre-orders through Virtual Farm Stand are encouraged




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