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The Best Place to Work

Posted 3/27/2018 6:32pm by Shiloh Avery.

A wintry mix and cat-on-the-lap kind of day

“The Best Place to Work: The art and science of creating an extraordinary workplace” says I owe it to my employees to get enough exercise and sleep in order to be at my best (I know, sexy book title right? But we ARE trying to be an extraordinary workplace). There is  nothing like this past weekend to make good on that promise. 

One wintry mix day and a pretty nice sunny day without much work goes a long way toward really being present in relaxation.  I haven’t been this rested in quite some time. Just in time for some warm weather.

We’re all ready for some warm weather.  It’s more challenging to be the best place to work when the work takes place outside and it’s cold.  So I thank mother nature for the break in the cold this week for making our quest to be the best place to work a little easier and for allowing us to catch up on weeks’ worth of planting.  All those squats over the next few days will leave me ready for another super relaxing weekend!


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