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The promises of fickle spring

Posted 3/3/2021 2:13pm by Shiloh Avery.


Last Sunday’s 70 degree day paired with the arrival of the sunshine this week has us all thinking about spring, but I’m holding onto winter for as long as I can.  I know, I know, but I hate the cold.  It’s true.  Winter is probably my least favorite season, even here where it’s mild.  But winter is also the time where I wake to the slow growing light and the bird songs.  It’s the time where I think about things other than the farm and it works out fine.  It’s the time where we play on the weekends just because we can.  It’s the time when the farm relaxes its grip on us, if just for a bit.

So I approach spring with the skeptical eye of a jaded lover, holding on to the consistent if not uninspiring hand of winter for just a moment longer.  One more fiction book, one more non-farm class, one more hike in the woods.  Then I’ll be ready to join the rest of you in your anticipation of spring.  Because, as Barbara Kingsolver once said, “this is what’s cruel about springtime: no matter how it treat’s you, you can’t stop loving it.”  And so I will.  Hope springs eternal, after all.

I do hold a lot of hope for spring.  All farmers do.  Probably all humans do.  But it feels like she’s the most cruel to farmers.  With her floods and early warmth followed by late frosts.  But still, we sow our seeds, and protect our fragile early crops as best we can, basking in spring’s promises as we endure her volatility.

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