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The season of scent

Posted 5/27/2013 6:21pm by Shiloh Avery.
blooming blackberries blooming blackberries


Since we didn’t actually frost last Saturday morning (despite spending six more hours preparing for it!), I find that I can look up and enjoy this positively lovely weather we’ve been having.  Really, it’s perfect.  Finally not raining (I did actually knock on wood after I typed that!), sunshine without excess heat and humidity, breezy…I mean really!  It’s like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow following such a supremely challenging spring.  And we’re still here to enjoy it!!!  We are so busy this time of year that we can tend to plow through the days with our heads down, barely noticing the natural marvels around us.  But Mother Nature has her way of pushing up on your chin to force you to look at her.  This season, she does it with scent.  Tucked into every nook and cranny of the farm is a heavily scented blooming plant.  On one end, there’s the hillside of blackberries in full intoxicating bloom; at the creek the air is tickled with honeysuckle perfume; and along the driveway, odiferous multiflora rose meanders on the breezes.  It gives me an inkling to linger….


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