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The sheer force of a plan

Posted 1/15/2019 3:29pm by Shiloh Avery.


Wind? What wind?

The wind prediction was for 0-2 mph all day.  But the sun came out and warmed the bones of the valley we live in, which stirred up the breezes and challenged our best laid plans. But the carrots need to be sown in a high tunnel this week are there are no other tunnels immediately available. Plus we hate to get off schedule so early in the year, and Emily had driven up from Hickory, and IT WAS THE PLAN! so we covered that darn high tunnel in the wind despite ourselves.

I’m not sure what life lesson we are supposed to glean from this, but I’m sure that there is one.  It took us twice as long and about four times the effort, but by golly, we got that sucker covered.  Your spring carrots will be on time just by sheer determination.  Maybe that’s the life lesson: when things don’t go as planned, exercise sheer determination to get to the end destination.  Is this good advice? You tell me (in May when you’re eating those carrots).  



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