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The Shift

Posted 10/10/2011 6:04pm by Shiloh Avery.

Autumn colors
Okay, so this was 2008, but I forgot the camera today (and it's not yet this pretty)

I’ve always thought that change was slow.  You know, evolution, the shifting of tectonic plates, that sort of thing.  But some changes seem to happen overnight.  Take the leaves, for example.  I always thought of the changing of the seasons to be one day on the calendar, but a slow easy process practically.  Yet I swear there was no color in our little valley yesterday.  But today there was a burst of vibrant color that rocked across the landscape.  Geez!  I get the point!  Autumn is here.  It’s time to box up those shorts and tanks and bust out the long underwear.  It’s time to throw that extra blanket on the bed, stock up on decaf teas and firewood (well, okay, we should have done that last year, but oh well), and switch to heavier reading material.  It’s only a few weeks before our lives make the bizarre shift from rural farmer to more urban style gym member, yoga class attendee, and football-in-the-bar watcher. That's still a few overall weeks left though.


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