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These are the good times

Posted 5/18/2010 7:12am by Shiloh Avery.
Jason in potatoes Tomatoes in the mist

Hope: Jason in the growing potatoes and tomatoes in the mist

The morning air presses in on us with the sticky sweet of multiflora rose on its breath.  Not bad as far as morning breath goes.  I’ve had that Prairie Home Companion Ketchup Advisory Council song in my head for three days.  You know the one.  It begins with “these are the good days….”  This is really the crazy crunch time for us while we harvest all those gorgeous spring goodies for you while planting all the summer crops at the same time, but something about purging the burgeoning greenhouse of all its plant babies is deeply satisfying.  It’s the great hope for the future.  Transplanting just reeks of overt optimism.  I mean really, first, we’ve taken it on faith that if we stick this little tiny seed in some dirt and add water it will turn into a little plant a bunch of times larger than that seed.  What could be more hopeful than that?  And then we stick that little baby plant in the ground in the field and just assume it’s going to produce something healthful and delicious.  So despite the fact that I feel like I’m flopping around like a fresh caught fish this time of year, the sanguine scent of summer’s bounty hints at my nose like the multiflora rose.


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