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Treasure from the tyranny (a lesson from potatoes)

Posted 7/2/2012 6:36pm by Shiloh Avery.

Mitch and Emily digging potatoes
The contrast between weed circus on the left, and digging for treasure (Mitch and Emily digging taters)

My brother always told me I was good at discovering the beautiful in what most wouldn’t perceive that way.  I’m channeling that skill in our potato field.  On the surface, it looks like a weed circus (better than a flea circus?)—a veritable forest of pigweed just waiting to dig deep into your unsuspecting fingers.  Underneath, however, lies a treasure trove, but you have to dig for it. You have to reach right into the dirty heart of the matter and pull out these little nuggets of beauty.  But there’s something about hunting for treasure that has inspired humans for centuries.  The discovery of some secret value buried right there beneath our feet.  It’s around us all the time-this buried treasure of life.  Little nuggets of beauty all covered with the soil and debris of everyday living that only require a little digging on our parts.  Take the heat wave, for example.  Sure, it’s suddenly news-worthy hot, but with the heat comes the disappearance of ticks!  Did you know that? A little treasure with the tyranny.  They invented a machine to dig potatoes, I wonder when they’ll invent a machine to dig up life’s little treasures (oh wait, it might be called “Google”).


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