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Turn Around Bright Eyes

Posted 5/22/2017 5:52pm by Shiloh Avery.

Amazing colors in the rainbow chard (which is doing great!)

 I’ve been singing Bonnie Tyler for weeks. Come on, you know the song.  It’s the strawberries’ fault.  When you grow 50 different things in a season, it’s inevitable that a crop or two will end up in the “loss” column.  Well, that’s what we keep telling ourselves anyway.  This year, much to our dismay, it was strawberries.   

Also when you grow 50 different things in a season, you can always “turn around” (now you can sing Bonnie Tyler too!) and immediately see a crop that’s doing great!  So that’s what we’ve had to do: just turn around and look elsewhere.  The lettuce crop is great, the blueberries pulled through any potential late freezes despite blooming early, the carrot crop, albeit a bit late, is the best stand of carrots we’ve had in years, etc.  

So turn around bright eyes, we’ll be alright. So we’ll have a few less strawberry desserts.  Not the end of the world right? No, indeed, we will survive (in case Bonnie Tyler was stuck in your head).





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