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Turn Around Bright Eyes

Posted 5/20/2019 5:42pm by Shiloh Avery.

My doctor asked me today if I was stressed out.  I thought about it, and replied honestly, “no.”  You see, my blood pressure was a bit elevated today for the first time in all my history of annual physicals at this doctor.  But I don’t feel “stressed out”.  We dug deep last week and pushed ourselves as hard as we could to catch up, but we got a lot accomplished in that push, and that feels really good.

Sure, the deer just ate nearly an entire field of lettuce, but that’s just part of this whole farming gig.  There’s nothing I can do about it after the fact, so we just turn around and move on to the next thing: double fencing the most beautiful carrot crop we’ve seen on this farm. 

Maybe that’s why the Bonnie Tyler song “Total Eclipse of the Heart” has been running through my head all weekend.  When you grow 50 different crops, sometimes you just have to “turn around” (bright eyes) and face a crop success instead of looking too long at a failure.  So, we won’t have head lettuce. Big deal. But would you look at those carrots! (Okay, I realize that me “saying” this out loud means we need to go fence those carrots immediately).  Oh, and you’re welcome for getting that song stuck in your head😊 




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