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Tyrannical list

Posted 7/10/2017 6:13pm by Shiloh Avery.

I love lists.  I do.  My nightstand is littered with old lists.  There are lists that fall out of the laundry.  My pockets are lined with lists. There are at least two lists on the table at all times, not to mention the ubiquitous lists on the dry erase boards in the packing shed.  I even take pictures of lists. But today, the list took on a tyrannical tone that I didn’t much appreciate.  It all seemed reasonable this morning.  But I swear the list was adding to itself while we weren’t looking. 

Or maybe it was messing with the time.  Because my lunch alarm went off before my hunger alarm while we were still in the middle of a morning task.  Then we found ourselves headed to our afternoon task, already well into the afternoon. Today’s list left us a bit bewildered, but I’ve got my eye on it now. Tsk tsk tsk list, if you ever try to pull one over on us again.





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