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Visions of cabbage dancing in my head

Posted 10/12/2010 7:19am by Shiloh Avery.

Shiloh harvesting giant napa cabbage

Shiloh harvesting giant napa cabbage


Reading is seasonal as well.  Winter brings technical books, or deeper “thinking” novels.  I never thought I’d get so into popular fiction.  But reading during the season requires this sort of reading.  Sometimes we find ourselves just thinking too much.  By this time of year it gets to be a bit overwhelming and the mind just desires a little repose.  So I’ve been reading lots of novels lately: face paced page turners that suck me into their worlds completely so I can’t think about farming or anything else.  I’ll read a little over tea and breakfast in the morning.  My mind will stay partially in the novel while out in the fields all day until I jump back in before bed.  It’s a great relief valve from the cumulative exhaustion we feel this time of year:  plentiful and beautiful veggies still happily coming out of the fields, while our minds and bodies are ready for the onset of winter and the end of the season.  Last night this paradox really came to a head in my dreams: I had the characters from the novel planning meals around what’s coming out of our fields! 


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